When we were in school, things were pretty simple actually.

There is a person A. He is lean, shy, geeky guy with big glasses who doesn’t talk too much. Everybody knows he is a science genius and his recreational activities include sitting in school library for hours, reading heavy volumes that reminds other students of Goosebumps and scares the hell out of them. He is an introvert. “Phew! So that’s what this disease is. Thank God it is non-communicable”, that’s what people around him used to think.Then there is another person B, guy who is funny and attractive. Wherever he goes he is followed by a flock of chirping girls, savoring him with their eyes that makes other guys jealous. The whole school knows him, he has his allies in every nook and corner of the corridors. Nobody messes with B. He is everyone’s choice. He is an extrovert. I didn’t knew much so I put myself to the  non-diseased lively group of course.

That was my level of understanding when I was in school. A and B belonged to different groups. But when I came to college, people started expanding my understanding like some elastic band. Everything should make sense to you now, you are a grown up. All right. Everything started making sense at the right time.

In college, I came through words like Introversion and Extraversion (with A). Psychology messes with my head. I thought that it would be same as being Introvert and Extrovert, but it is not. Well, Psychology says so. See, it has already started messing with my head, but there’s more to come. Introversion does not equals to Introvert. Introvert is shyness whereas Introversion is more about the quietness of a person. Extrovert is outgoing behavior of a person whereas Extraversion is a term coined by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who thought Extrovert (with O) is a bad Latin. He defines it as someone who enjoys external happenings, events and accept external objects. Okay. Processing that.

So that’s it then? I mean, I could be an Introvert or an Extrovert or Introversion or Extraversion. Okay. Four paths and I’m on one of them. Good progress of knowing yourself. But wait, Someday I’m quiet like a nun and others I’m as rowdy as I can be. So where does that even places me? After some internet surfing, I found out that all my four ropes have been tightly knotted together in the centre and that’s where my neck hangs right now. Psychology calls it Ambivert.

What does it feels like being an Ambivert? Let’s peep inside the mind of an Ambivert.

“Oh so you can talk.”

Yes we do talk. Sometimes a lot. We’re somehow fun to be with. We open up to people till some extent, hang out sometimes, have fun together at parties and even share contacts. That’s it. That’s where the problem begins. People start to think of us as a chatter box, very socializing and fun but in reality we are not. We do not want to reply your every text, we do not feel like pouring our hearts out every time and we do not want to hang out with you more than once in a week or maybe fortnight. That’s how much socializing we can handle. After that, we want to retreat back to our silent corner.

“What’s the Silent Corner?”

We need that more than sweet yogurt. Silent Corner is our solace where we can be alone and think about stuff that matters most in the world like how many different ways there are to make earth fall down or how to build a rocket for ourselves. It is our territory where there is no intrusion what so ever. Do not try to cross the border and if you’ve done it, you’re lucky to be alive.

“Oh so you are a thinker too.”

Yes we have fully functional brains. An Ambivert possesses this unique ability to think. Several chemical reactions happen simultaneously inside our mind. Why do you think we take so much time in pee-poo?

“But you do not open up very well about it.”

Yes we do not. Because not everyone is capable of having that level of intelligence to fully understand what we are thinking. We have very few unique weirdo specimens in our lives with whom we might share what we keep on thinking. And if, rarest of rarest, we find someone who has the same interest as ours, we cannot stop babbling about it. That makes us creepy actually but we are friendly too (creepy smile)!

“You’re good at socializing.”

Socializing is fun. But people suck our brains out. We are the ones who are always ready to meet new people but not ready to start a conversation. We are very easy-going and like short talks but after a few minutes, it starts getting exhausting and we start figuring out tricks to lose that person in crowd.

“You mean you have avatars?”

Yes. Our colleagues and friends and especially family knows different aspects of us. We’re superheroes who are remarkably good at disguises.

You seem really complicated to me.

Well, we’re trying to figure that out too. Thanks anyway!